Jun 4, 2012

A Trip to the Lighthouse

In May of 1996 Sean and I took a trip, the day after he proposed, to NY.  He not only introduced me to his family but announced that I had accepted his proposal.  Talk about a shock to his family but they accepted me as if they had known me forever. Anyway during that trip Sean took me not only to Port Jefferson, where we sat in a small deli and ate lunch it was during that trip I realized just how much I loved this man. That same week he took me to Fire Island. We were not able to go into the Lighthouse but we took many pictures.  It was during that trip that I fell in love with light houses.  
 So we knew no matter what that we would be taking the kids to see the lighthouse.  It holds special memories for Sean.  He grew up spending summers at the beach, living in a beach cabana with his family and seeing the lighthouse every morning.  It is also where the family donated money in honor of his late father Eugene Kelly to help restore and maintain the lighthouse.
    So off we went to spend the day at the lighthouse with Paul and Kathleen.  We parked at the Robert Moses State Park and walked along a nice board walk to the light house.  It is about a mile and a half walk to and from the light house (I think).  The board walk is new, when Sean and I last went we had to walk along a sandy road to get there.  It was a wonderful day.  HOT day but wonderful! 
Eli being all NY cool like
Hot day!  Poor Kris had major blisters on his feet so he
 put on his daddy's socks.  Next time I will remember not to get him flip flops!
The plague in honor of Sean's father.

Sara went up the lighthouse with Uncle Paul and Kathleen. 
Climbed 192 steps.

Sean and Kris climb to the top as well.

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