Jun 1, 2012

NY Vacation

Off to NY we flew drove.  Flying would have been so much faster!  Driving was so much cheaper! Traveled through KY, W. Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, NJ and then to our destination…NEW YORK.  Long Island actually…Blue Point to be exact. 14/15 hrs later we arrived ready to burst out of the van.  Let me tell you, our new van is WONDERFUL on gas!  We only used 2 ½ tanks full to get to NY.  When we have traveled in the past with our previous van it would take 4 full tanks.  I budgeted $800 for gas round trip and we only we actually only spent $325 for the whole trip!!!! How amazing is that!  Let me tell ya we are for sure jumping for joy!  Now we have gas money budgeted out for other trips we plan to take this summer such as a trip down to visit my friend Elaine and a trip to the Cincy Zoo. 
   So we arrived at Paul and Nancy’s house…Paul is Sean’s brother.  We were greeted by them and their lovely daughters Kathleen and Meghan.  We just love those two girls to death!  Sweet, polite, funny and just down to earth girls.  Oh and I can’t forget Lady and Bernie (the dogs).  The kids fell in love with their two pups. 

   That night we were surprised by Sean’s sister Siobhan who we haven’t seen in 10 years.  We had a cook out and Sean’s other sister Michele came over as well.  It was so great to see the four siblings together.  Sean has another brother Eugene that lives in Colorado and another sister Caitlin who lives in Manhattan.  To see Sean laughing and joking with his sisters and brother made my heart smile.  Yes my heart smiled!  I was so hapy that he was able to see them.  Saturday night Caitlin came in from the city for the weekend and we were able to spend time with her as well.
 I believe Caitlin and Sara look a great deal alike!  The kids fell in love with all of their aunts and of course Uncle Paul.  It’s sad that Eugene wasn’t able to come for the weekend but he is a busy professor at Colorado State Univ.
   Other than spending time with the siblings I think the highlight of the night was seeing Nannie (Sean’s Mom) with her grandchildren.  I don’t think she ever stopped smiling.  She even sat and played Jenga with Kris for a while until the other kids joined in on the fun.

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