Jul 28, 2012

The Saga of Mrs. Robin

In our back yard sits this wonderfully LARGE sunflower.  It grew from a seed that was left after last summer's sunflowers.  It is now bent over and creating yummy seeds.
Also pumpkin and watermelon vines are growing.

 In our neighborhood we have LOTS of Robins.  There have been times that the roads have been so full of Robins my children have said it should be called Robinhood Lane! 

This past weekend Eli and I noticed that Mr. and Mrs. Robin built 
a nest on top of the sunflower head.
Included in that nest is a piece of silver duct tape.  I guess they
 wanted to make sure it was really secure! LOL!
 Since Sunday July 22 the only activity we saw was a fly in and out from the robins. 
Then on Thursday we noticed Mrs. Robin sitting as still as possible in the nest so I grabbed my camera and caught this picture of her.  A few minutes later she flew away...
...being curious I snapped a picture of the inside of the nest and was 
pleasantly surprised to find an beautiful little egg.
 I knew that most robins will lay at least 2 eggs so I 
decided to start checking daily to see if she would lay more. 
On day #2 there were 2 little eggs.  Mrs. Robin was very close 
so I had to snap and dart.  This being the reason the 
picture is so out of focus.

 Last night there were some really bad storms here. 
Lots of rain, thunder, lightening and strong winds.
The diaper heads were worried that the nest would 
be blown down so they were on constant watch 
during the storm.  This morning we were all happy
to see that the nest made it through the storms.  Guess 
that duct tape is working! HAHA!
So this afternoon when Mrs. Robin flew away I grabbed
the camera to see if there more babies...
 YEP!  Three little blue eggs.  BTW I LOVE this color blue!
I plan to continue to keep a vigil over the nest and hope to get some great pictures of the babies.  I am hoping I will catch a few shots of the chicks hatching!  Wish me luck!

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