Jun 11, 2013

Horses and the Creek

Last week we had the adventure of a life time according to Sara.  Why?  Well it all boils down to friends and horse riding.  One of the dear families in our church have a wonderful country home that sits near a small creek bed.  My friend Marty and her children, Lucy and Jay as well as our gang were invited out to the farm.  The kids had a WONDERFUL time exploring the creek where they found crawdads (crawfish) and greater sirens (mud puppies) and a salamander too. After the adventure in the creek bed we stopped to have lunch.  While Marty, Christie and I ate lunch and talked the kids went out to play.  Kris and Jaron came running back in saying they saw a snake. That really got our attention!!!  I HATE snakes.  Knowing the area has had copper heads really scared me.  But it turned out to be a black corn snake.  Thank goodness for that!
   So after lunch we headed to the barn where the horses were.  Sara was so excited.  Christie taught the kids how to groom the horses, talked about the care and feeding of them and gave them a great lesson!  The best part was getting to ride the horses.  The kids LOVED it.  All but Jaron got on.  Not sure why he didn't want to ride but the others love it!  Warning...it's always hard for me to decide which pictures to post! :)

Kris was so nervous but Ruby was great with him.  It was if she knew that Kris  is autistic.
Kris learning to clean the hooves.

Sara never stopped smiling.

My friend and sister Marty

Goodness, I was a hot mess.  It was a hot day!

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