Jun 7, 2013

Time....slipping away

Well it seems as if time has slipped away and I haven't written anything since April.  Honestly when I started this blog it was for family to stay up with the goings on in our family because we live so far from both sides of the family.  I don't think any of them have ever read the blog and if they have they surely have not told me.  That's ok, it's still nice to write out what is going on.  I am sure one day my kids will want to check it out themselves and read it to their children.  Maybe.  Who knows.
    So much has happened so I will try in the next few days catch up with the activities of our home schooling family.  I do have to say,  "YAY FOR SUMMER!"  As I write this my three boys are out in the pool and I am sure they are wrestling and eventually someone will come in complaining that someone else has gotten to rough.  Oh the life with boys!  My precious little girl who is not so little anymore is next door hanging out with her best friends.  I am SO THANKFUL that we live where we do and she has friends to play with.
   I am so pleased at how this past year of homeschooling has gone!  Eli was able to not only master 2nd grade skills but also was able to master 3rd grade.  He still struggles with reading but we are working on that this summer.  Kris who was way behind in math has excelled this year and is now on task and ready for 6th grade.  Sara has moved forward and has already started 4th grade math.  She really seems to love it and figures things out so quickly.  I just can't figure out how or why they were holding her back in the math skills in public school.  She was seriously told you aren't allow to do multiplication because you are not ready and yet she master it and I mean 3 digit multiplication within 12 weeks.  But according to the public school she wasn't ready for multiplication.  YEA RIGHT!!!
   Don't get me wrong I have many friends that are teachers in the public school setting and I appreciate and respect their profession.  But they will even tell you their hands are tied as to what they can and can not teach. Most will tell you they are teaching so the kids will pass state tests.  BOO!  That doesn't promote learning at all!
  So in the fall we will have an 8th grader...oh Jaron...my boy is becoming a man in every sense of the word. he has grown 3 1/2 inches since Aug., his body is changing his voice is squeaky and what's with the hair on the lip.  YIKES!  Not sure I am ready for this but holding on cause here we go!  I want my little toe head lizard loving baby boy back!   So in the fall 8th, 6th and 4th grades will be covered.  Where oh where is time slipping by to!    I miss those toddler days when I didn't know what was up from down.  I miss my babies!

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