Jun 9, 2013

My Blessings

                                                  This was taken on Mother's Day 2013.

I am so blessed!  I realize this for many reasons.  One of my dear friends was adopted as a child and she is searching for her father.  She has gone through a lot and you can read about it her journey here.   Through this time of reading about her personal journey I have realized just how blessed I truly am.  You see I was born my mother had the option of putting me up for adoption.  My mother was very young, 14 to be exact and although my father was 22 he too  could of said I don't want this.  But my parents went against the flow back then and fought to keep me.  They got married before I was born and chose to start their family at a young age.  So many other young girls were forced by their parents to give the child up.  I am so glad my parents fought to keep me.  My mom sacrificed a high school education to keep me.  She went back when I was in High school and got her GED and went to school for cosmetology.  I am very proud of all my mom has accomplished in her life.  She not only went back to school, but she raised 5 children, owned her own business and is now semi retiring and if anyone deserves it she does!  I love my mom!
My Mom and Dad
Not only have I been blessed with the best parents ever but also with 6 wonderful kids.  I have two in heaven, Seanpatrick who had a cord accident the day he was born and another who I miscarried a year later.  I don't talk about the baby I miscarried, I was only 6 weeks along, I just haven't let myself go there yet.  I do however have 4 wonderful energy filled kids that keep me very busy and  I love very much!  Blessed beyond measure for sure!

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