Aug 5, 2013


Summer is coming to an end.  In just two weeks we will start our third year of home schooling.  Not sure where the summer went but it definitely has been a strange one.  Weather has been unusually cool and full of rain. My parents who generally have stayed two weeks out of the summer is staying for four months this year and we all love being able to see them every week.  Their summer home is about an hour away in the eastern mountains of KY.  It is beautiful, quiet and relaxing there.
   Curriculum is bought, scheduling has begun and activities planned.  The boys will be taking a few classes of wood working and power tool lessons from their grandfather and Sara will be working with grandma on sewing a quilt.  All of them are excited!  Memories and school lessons all tied in together.  LOVE IT!
   This summer the kids have been excited to watch our veggie and sunflower garden thrive and grow beyond what we expected.  We have been able to bless our neighbors and friends with zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, banana peppers and cucumbers.  We also have enjoyed green beans ourselves.
   The most exciting part for me, besides the fresh, pesticide free, organic veggies has been seeing all of the different birds enjoying our variety of sunflowers. I had no idea we would have so many different colors of flowers. Just beautiful!

Male Golden Finch

Beautiful male cardinal

Female Golden Finch

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