Nov 13, 2010

Saturday Morning Breakfast

I love Saturday mornings. They usually mean I get to sleep in, usually only another 3o minutes because my kids don't know the meaning of sleep in on a weekend day. In when we lived in Illinois we made it a point to always have a family breakfast loaded with pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast (sometimes), grits, coffee and sometimes OJ. YUMMO!! Since living here in Kentucky that ritual has sorta go to the way side. Mainly because Sean's work schedule changes and he now works on Friday nights and comes home exhausted on Sat. mornings. :( We are hoping that changes soon. He has applied for a position with the school district as a Alternative Education Assistant teacher. It would be full time, during the day and we are praying it will be more pay. The hours alone are better and we are really praying he gets it. He likes his job he has but hates the hours but thankful for the job!
Anyway today I decided instead of trying to sleep in when the kids were being rambunctious I would get up and get breakfast going and surprise Sean when he came in. He was happy :) The kids were excited! Kris woke up and was like "Is that bacon I smell!" then came in and said, "You are the best Mommy in the world!" All because I made bacon lol!
I enjoy mornings like this with my kids. I know soon things will change and they will be staying at friend's homes and getting up to go to work or leaving for college...ok getting ahead of myself, I mean geez Jaron is only in 5th time does seem to fly by!
OH yea before I forget! We are so PROUD of Jaron! He made the academic team at school. He was pretty excited himself. He is a smart kid and I think this is really going to boost his confidence. So proud of him! WAY TO GO JARON!!!

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