Nov 1, 2010

How Not to Start the Day

Today was a day of odd things happening. It is never a dull moment in the Diaperhead house I can tell you that! This is how my day started...

5:18 AM Oddie (our puppy) woke me from a great dream (I was dreaming we owned a big old farm house, Sean was pastoring a church again and I was helping him).

5:25 AM Pull Oddie up on the bed and he ended up sitting on my head and licking my face. :) I love puppy kiss just not that early. Oddie snuggles under the covers and I fall back to sleep.

6:30 Alarm goes off...late. It's ok, really, I don't need a full hour to get all 4 kids up, dress, fed and ready for school.

6:45 Laundry Monster strikes again! SERIOUSLY! Who is eating all the socks and Jaron's jeans??? Searched through Jaron's room and the laundry room for 15 minutes searching for his jeans and socks for the kids.

7:00 Return from the basement adventure - I really hate the laundry monster! While searching the dogs found Kris's pet frog (dead) and brought it upstairs. :( Which has Kris whimpering in the corner of the couch. When asked what was wrong (I was unaware) BIG crocodile tears start streaming down his cheeks. I spend 10 mins trying to calm him all the while trying to get the other 4 diaperheads socked, shoed and out the door with their daddy of whom disappeared during all this saddness about the pet frog.

7:15 Kids are FINALLY in the van and headed to school with their dad. (Shew! Thank God they do not ride the school comes at 6:30 and it would most definitely mean I would be getting them up at 5 AM UHM NO WAY! )

7:15 I begin to make smoothies for Sean and I. Not two seconds later and the blender explodes (not sure what happened ~ seriously!) my response at this point was "REALLY?" I now have berry smoothie covering me, the walls, cabinets, floor (dogs enjoyed) and counter top...not to mention the mess all over the blender!

After cleaning up that wonderful mess, I start cleaning the livingroom and slam my big toe against the exercise bike...OUCH! THANK GOD I have no feeling in my feet (it's actually sad - I have neuropathy in both feet and lower legs) but on days like to day I am thankful for now feeling. 2 hours later I look at my big toe and I now have a huge dime size blood blister on the tip...OUCH! Still can't feel it (thankfully) but now I have to poke it and drain it and pray it doesn't get infected. And yes it has to be's too large to just let it be.

So where is that restart button anyway??? BTW if you want to see where I found this wonderful picture of the laundry monster go here. I do have to say now that I look back over the adventures of the morning I can laugh! Like I have said...there is NEVER a dull moment in the Diaperhead House!

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