Sep 13, 2010

"What is your Passion?"

So many things have been crossing my mind. Not even sure which way to turn. My mind is full of thoughts and dreams. Of which right now I cannot share. A couple of weeks ago during a job interview I was asked, “What is your passion?” First of all that question completely took me by surprise! It wasn’t a question I had even considered being asked, not for this job in particularly. I’ll be honest I was like a deer in head lights and if you have even seen a deer in headlights, of which I have seen way too many times, they do not move! Thankfully I have been very blessed to have never hit one (praying that stays that way too!) Anyway, I was taken off guard and it may have cost me the job. But I don’t think it is by coincidence that I was asked this. I truly believe God orchestrates everything even questions like this.
So for the last few weeks it has weighed heavy on my heart. I honestly for a while couldn’t answer it. Which is sad! But honestly when I look deep inside I do know what my passion is. I have just been too scared to face it. Why?! I have no idea! But my dear friend, Michele, helped me today realize that I do have passion for something. She also helped me come up with some ideas on what I can do to work that passion into a career. THANK YOU MICHELE!
I am excited about what is coming next. A bit overwhelmed but excited. I know God is going to use this as a catapult and throw me into the center of His ultimate plan for my life. I can say it will help our ministry eventually! :) As the days move forward I will share more as I learn more. Many steps have to be taken but I have something to be excited about!!! YAY!
Oh and today Sean got called for two jobs! YAY! Tomorrow he will be going for an interview for a position working with troubled teens. If they offer him the job he is going to take it :). If not he will go on Thursday to start the process of working for Nestle, the factory here makes Hot Pockets…yum! :) Either way God is going to provide for our needs!
Let me close this post with this ~ What is your passion? As my friend said to me today, finish this sentence ~ I am the happiest when I am ....? I hope you know what your passion is and if you don't I hope you find it! I have known what mine is, it just got lost in the shuffle of life and put on the back burner. Well sorta...but that is for another post at a later date :)


Robin said...

What is my passion? I am like you in that I am afraid to find out or maybe just admit outloud. It is definitely something I think about and deep down I probably know but since I am like most minister's wives, I put myself on the back burner and put fulfilling it off til tomorrow.

Melissa said...

Robin, what I have learned in the last couple of weeks is what I thought was "just ministry" has actually been my passion. For me I guess I have just wanted to deny it so I don't "have to" serve in that area. Now that we are in a time of resting and not pastoring a church, I miss it ALOT! You probably do know what it is and as a PW I hope you face it and grasp it full force! Ya never know how God will bless you and your ministry if you do :)
I noticed you are from S IL, what parts? We just moved from S IL.