Sep 1, 2010

My Boys (the 4 legged ones)

Oddie being a little stinker! He found a new hobby that isn't a great one that is for sure but he sure was having fun digging to China...LOL! He is so small that when he fell in you could barely see him.The the boys, Bentley and Oddie, found Sara's ball and well as you can see had a grand ole' time. What a way for Sara to learn to put her things away! LOL! She was pretty mad at them but understood it was her fault for not putting them away.
I love my two 4 legged boys! The irritate me to death sometimes but they are so stinkin' cute and always want to be near me and loved on that I just can't stay mad at them for long. Thankful God has blessed us with a home that our pups do not have to "stay" outside and can snuggle with me on the couch or in my bed. They bring us all so much joy!

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