Sep 12, 2010


As we settle into this new home, new community, new routine we are enjoying this time of rest. As pastor's of a church or on staff often times I have not been able to sit next to my husband during a sermon or stand near him during worship. I am SO LOVING being able to do that again. I know it's only for a short time. We are believing that God is opening a door to ministry here. What do i mean by ministry....a church, a pastoring position in a local church. We will know something by the end of Sept possible not until sometime in Oct. (we think). Should this door not open then He has another plan. We are also as I have stated before waiting for jobs to open. Which is really tough but know God has a plan and we are standing on His promises to provide for our every need. If He provides for the little birds and provides for the spider below then how much more will He provide for us!This lovely garden spider is still residing in our front garden. Some children came over yesterday and tried their best to knock it down and kill it...but it was survived.
In our back yard we have a HUGE pear tree. I have never seen nor picked a pear from a pear tree. This is such a nice surprise and blessing. The other day I was outside picking pears and had to take this shot. These pears are the SWEETEST pears I have ever taken a bite out of. We have had such an abundance that someone came and parked his truck on the other side of the tree and removed all the pears at the top. Which honestly does upset me that he didn't even come and ask for permission...he would have gotten it anyway...but seriously isn't that considered stealing? Needless to say there are no more pears. :( Something that is pretty cool about having the tree is that we have a bunch of butterflies. They have been attacked to the many rotting pears. The kids have LOVED seeing all the different kinds of butterflies.
Butterflies always represent new life...and we believe without a doubt that God brought us here to breath new life into us but also into this community. We know His plans are great and we are excited about what He is going to do!
Last but never least...this was the first day of school for our diaperheads. They are not so little anymore! 5th, 3rd and 1st grades...geez...sometimes I wonder what happen to the diaper toddling years...oh yea I was loosing my mind with 4 under 4 in diapers! :) oh how I miss those days!

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