Sep 8, 2010


Waiting....waiting...waiting! If there is one thing I hate to do it's wait! I do not like to wait for anything. Oh I know the cliche "The best things in life are worth waiting for!" Yes I do agree with that. I waited what seemed to me like a long time for my husband to come into my sitting back and looking at things I realize it wasn't a long time to wait. I have a dear close friend who is waiting for hers and she has most definitely been waiting much longer than I ever did!
Right now we are waiting! Waiting on God to open the right doors that are a perfect fit for us and our family. We are also waiting on the open doors for ministry. I tell you right now it is like right in our grasp and to be honest I do have feelings of doubt that we will obtain what is in front of us. Will it hurt...maybe...just more disappointment to be honest. Will it stop us from serving our Savior...NO! Will it make me curse! I will stand firm on what I know and that is that HE HAS THE PERFECT plan for Sean, our family and me. Until He opens the door we are staying in a constant state of prayer, reading His word, preparing for when the door does open. For we know it is coming soon! Where that door will lead we don't know. But we do know He is in charge and we will be moving forward in Him no matter what!

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