Dec 18, 2008

Peace Be Still...

and the storm was quiet! I have to just thank all of my readers, friends and family for praying. I shared that we were in a storm so to speak and that my husband had lost his job. Well my Jesus came into the situation and said "Peace be still" He also said through a dear friend these comforting and encouraging words-

"The Lord would say to you,
That your pillow will no longer be your head rest
That the tissues no longer to be your comfort
That tears will no longer water your dreams
That digging and seeing nothing will not be your season any longer
You have dug the ditches
And now, God sends His water rolling your way...water that walks
Water that talks
That will show up, and you will not know How He did it, but He will
The ditches are Jesus name!!!!
No more will you ride upon the back of the enemy...
You will ride the great tides of God's provision
With His hand he will bring forth waters in the noon day..
you will see it, declares the Lord
Not even hidden places, Not even in the darkness
But the noon day says the Lord Your appointment has arrived and

your due date has come In Jesus Name"

Isn't that one awesome word! It really ministered to me at the height of the storm and still speaks comfort to my soul. I have to share that this storm has calmed. Yesterday Sean went for his interview for a position within the company he works for and came home and acted like he didn't want to tell me about the job. As if he didn't get it. I had to ask him, "well?????" He looked right at me and said, "I got it!" So matter of fact. When I heard those words I felt all this weight fall off my shoulders. Talk about the best Christmas present ever...other than Jesus I mean!
I will be honest I have been watching the news, I try not to at night when the kids are home but do in the morning...GMA I just love that show. So I am very aware of the economy, gee who isn't, but our area has really been hit hard with factories closing left and right for the last two years. Finding a job is hard and if you find one you have to perform at your best to keep it. It took Sean almost 8 months to find a real part time job. He was doing temp work and that alone took 3 months to find when we first moved here. So the fact that he was able to get this position and it is in the same company is fantastic. He lost his other position due to down sizing in that department. God has been faithful and good these last two years. When things like this happen it honestly brings up questions of: Are we were God wants us to be and satan is scared of the territory he is losing? OR Is God trying to get our attention to let us know that we are not in His perfect will and He wants us to move on.
Sean and I both despite those questions rising up decided to stand against doubt and say, WE ARE where God wants us and satan is just scared. He has been throwing everything he can at us this year everything possible! From illness to surgeries, to illnesses that send our kids to the hospital, to car problems that cost us major money, to Sean losing his job. But you know what the theme has been this whole time...."Faith, Trust, Standing on God's Promises, Declaring His Word over our situations, and then we see the victories...Healings from physical to spiritual, Provisions for our needs, wants and desires in ways we could of NEVER fathomed, and then once again we get attacked with storm and I have to say, despite the stress and worry, God once again stomped all over that mean of devils head.
See, something happened the other night, God spoke to my spirit and once again said, "Peace be still." When I get that in the middle of the night and it wakes you up because it sounds like someone is talking to you, you know it is God speaking. That peace washed over me and some how I just knew that if Sean didn't get the job that God had it taken care of. So thank you all for praying for us. Don't stop! I am positive we will have another storm come our way... its just how the evil little devil works...attacks those that are impacting God's kingdom because we are taking back what is ours and what is God's!

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