Dec 8, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award

I was tagged by Deanna from Lifetime Intimate Portraits with this wonderful award and meme. Thank you Deanna! You know I love ya! So let's see if I can actually do this and give you some info you may or may not know about me.

Seven things I did before:

1) My very first job when I was 15 was a cook for an assisted living facility.
2) I am a former Wal-Mart employee...(junior year in high school), man that is a long time ago!
3) I was a pre-K teacher for 5 years.
4) I use to sleep walk when I was a 5-8 yrs of age.
5) My Granmom, Mother and I have all lost and held a baby in our hands and they are waiting there for us.
6) My Granmom, Mother and I have all had twins (Granmom and Mom had them prematurely as did I) I am blessed to still have them with me!
7) Fell down a mountain side severly spraining my ankle.

Seven Things I Do Now:

1) Children's pastor/co-pastor a church
2) Create simple websites
3) Blog
4) Parent 4 young children
5) Fight for what my special needs child needs to succeed.
6) Lead a Women's Prayer/Bible Study
7) Enjoy gardening...even in the winter!

Seven Things I Would Like To Do:

1) Go to Africa.
2) Visit family and friends (PD & Michele you are on the very top of that list!) in Florida
3) Write Children's books
4) Go on a cruise with my husband.
5) Go on a vacation with my husband and kids.
6) Learn to play the piano.
7) Go back to school for web design.

Seven Things That Attract Me to My Hubby:

1) His eyes and legs...yes I think my husband has sexy legs!
2) He loves me despite my failures.
3) He sees me as an equal partner.
4) He is totally in love with God.
5) He supports me no matter what.
6) He is loving, forgiving and faithful.
7) He's funny.

Seven of My Favorite Foods:

1) Brocolli
2) Shrimp
3) Fruit
4) Chocolate
5) Sandwiches
6) Soup
7) Cherry pie

Seven Things I Say Most Often:

1) NO running in the house!
2) Get your shoes on!
3) Are you serious?
4) Stop fighting with your sister!
5) We do not run in the sanctuary unless the you are under the influence of the Holy Spirit!
6) You are not a monkey get down off the counter top!
7) Pick up your toys please!

Now I am to tag seven people. This may be a little hard...but here goes:

Michele at Adoptive Family's Life
Jessica at Simple Beauty
Sean at The Observers Desk
Lisa at The Preacher's Wife
Leah at The Puppy Mill

Ok the other two would be Deanna and Tara but I know that they have already done this meme.

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