Dec 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

It's finally here! The day that has drove my children nuts for the last month! The day we celebrate Jesus' birthday. Happy Birthday Jesus!
In our house we not only celebrate Jesus and the gift God blessed us with over 2000 years ago. But also celebrate St. Nicholas or what we commonly call him, Santa Claus. No seriously we do not celebrate "Santa" but we do have one Santa present for the kids. The "Santa" gift is the cherished gift that they just can't live without. Which for the youngest ones every thing they see ends up being that gift. (smile) This year we seemed to have a theme when it came for the Christmas wish list. The boys were so distinct that it was easy and yet difficult in knowing what to get them. Jaron wanted all "Iron Man" items, Kristofer wanted "Transformer" toys, Eli was our resident "Batman" and Sara well she just couldn't decide on anything. So she was actually the funniest to buy for. Enjoy the high lights of today's adventures~

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