Dec 6, 2008

Madea on Relationships

Just wanted to thank all of those who are my roots! Love ya and you should know who you are!


Deanna Shrodes said...

Michele told me to get over here and read this...not that I don't read your blog regularly cause you know I do, but she knew I really needed to hear this now.

I had posted a portion of this on my blog in the past but you have posted a longer version and it said many more things I really needed to be reminded of. (You know what I've gone through...)

I love you friend, thank you for reminding me and many others of such important truths.

Melissa said...

PD You're welcome! I needed to be reminded about this too! When I watched it last night it toughed my heart and made me think. Glad it touched you as it did me! Love you my friend!

Melissa said...
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