Dec 15, 2008


A week ago I dislocated or over extended my right thumb. It is still mending and it still very sore. There are times when I go to pick something up like a pen and it feels like knives are shooting through my thumb and wrist. I have a special brace that I wear and it has help considerably.

How did this happen you might ask, well rather quickly. Honestly it was the beast that did it. Izzy our puppy who is now 8 months old and is on the small size of a golden retriever I would guess still thinks she is the size of a Yorkie! I am serious this do is so strong, the other day I tied her to 5 lawn chairs that were stacked. Just long enough so that I could get her chain set up. The do pulled all 5 chairs half way across our lawn and its a large back yard! I was completely amazed! She has broken two heavy duty chains and we are going to have to find something else.
Now she is not always on the chain. We let her off to play fetch and the kids love to play football with her. She loves it too. But during the day she loves to be outside and we just can not spend all day outside with her so we chain her up since we do not have a fenced in yard.

Ok so needless to say I not thinking straight attached her to the chain without placing the stake into the ground first! Big, huge mistake. The next thing I know is she is running after some birds, I feel the impact of the stake against my thumb, I look down and there is the top knuckle bent backwards in a way it was never meant to bend. She comes running back towards me and I instantly grab my thumb which makes a loud pop and its back in place. I was screaming in pain and Sean was sound to sleep in our sound proof house! So that is what happened in a matter of seconds.

Anyway, I am mending but you know something it's been a week and although my thumbs is slowly on the mend my wrist is hurting the same and that is not good. I can not surf the web or type like I want to. without some kind of discomfort and that is just one reason I have not been on to blog about our daily adventures.

I am proud to say that Jaron and Sara won coloring contests at school. Maybe I have already blogged about this...maybe not. Anyway they won the coloring contests for their classes during the school book fair. They both won a book. We are very proud of them.

This week I will post about Kris and the IEP meeting we had last week. Let me just say went VERY well and I am very excited about how he is doing in school. Yes he is struggling with reading in fact he is a grade behind, but his math skills are really good and that excites us!

Oh and that leaf project Jaron worked on so diligently in Oct...earned him an "A". Plus now when we pass different trees he can tell us what kind they are.

That's all for now...I am beat and am heading to bed!

Till next time....

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