Sep 12, 2012

Field Trip

Home schooling is HARD WORK!  Yes it is most definitely work!  I get paid with laughter, smiles and occasionally the grumpy attitudes as well.  This past Friday we went with another home schooling family, my best friend Marty and her children to Big Bone Lick State Park. We got our directions from Google and let me tell you it is the first time I have been disappointed in their directions.  It took us a back road way which would have been fine if the miles had been accurate.  Needless to say 2 hour trip turned into longer because we had to back track to find a gas station to get accurate directions.  Anyway we got there and had a great time.  The park is is founded on a natural salt spring.  This salt spring thousands of years ago drew in mastadons, giant sloths, mammouths and giant bison.  Due to the marsh mud lands these animals would get stuck and die.  Leaving behind many fossils.  There is a great history about the area and I encourage you to visit!
Check out the pictures below...
My gang and Lucy in front of the mastadon head fossil.
The boys checking out some fossils.
Sara loved this beautiful mural.

We were suppose to be able to see bison at the park, all we found were the droppings.

Hiking.  We hiked 1.4 miles that day.
After the hike.  The kids were tired, hot, thirsty and enjoyed the cool stones they sat on.

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