Aug 27, 2012

Ending Summer

Summer is coming is to a close.  This past weekend we decided to take advantage of Sean having a day off and we took the kids to our favorite swimming area.
 Stoney Cove, in Rowan Co. KY.  We love it there.  It is a special place for Sean and I.  It is where we spent many summer weekends together before and after we got married.  Now it's a place full of family memories as well.   This weekend the kids went hunting for crawdads, fish, toads and insects of all kinds. 
 There caught some minnows, this little toad and a few crawdads.  All of which came home with us except for the toad.  The minnows and the crawdads now take residency in our turtle tank.  They know that the turtle will probably want to eat them and they are ok with that.

 Best place for science fun for sure! Best part is they just don't know they are being scientist. 
 I love going because of all the butterflies we see.  We have seen these same butterflies enjoying the rotting pears we have in our back yard.
 I have caught pictures of this little orange butterfly in our back yard but this beautiful blue and black one I have not been able to get until the other day at the lake.  I believe it is my favorite of the summer for sure.
 This is the same butterfly (below) just a different view of my little blue.  I have yet to figure out it's official name but I will!

 My wonderful husband and Kristofer relaxing in the sun.  This was posed!  Kris really didn't want his picture taken but he complied! How can you not enjoy this view (below)?
 My little buddy Eli!  I love this kid!  He has had a rough year with having surgery, losing a lot of weight because of it and then this summer was diagnosed with Acid Reflux.  He is a little trooper!  I love  this little guy!

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