Sep 20, 2012


I AM SO LOVING CHORES!    No seriously I am loving what we have started here at home.  Generally we have a cleaning day which usually ends up being Saturdays, where we all help clean up the house of the little messes that have gathered through the house.  Generally I would run the vacume daily, sweep and do the kitchen duties daily with the larger projects of dusting, bathroom cleaning, mopping left for Sat. Well last week I decided no more of this MOM DOING EVERYTHING and getting frustrated, repeating myself and then getting to a point where I was yelling at the kids to do stuff.  So we have started a chore list.  It is rather simple:

Loading Dishes
Garbage Removal
Unloading Dishes
Just four simple tasks and each child has been given that chore for the week.  This week they switch and this will continue from now on.  What a difference it has been for me.  Home schooling the kids, focusing on exercising and getting healthy, Mom stuff, wife stuff and just daily living has been wearing me down.  Having the kids help has been such a blessing.  Not just to me but to their dad as well.  Plus the kids are learning valuable keeping, time management,  and responsibility.  They are earning extra computer time and what they don't know is that if they can do their chore daily without complaints or  asking them repeatedly to do it we plan to reward them with a trip to the movies once a month. There is nothing wrong with them doing chores and it is teaching them so much.  This week has been so wonderful!  They have taken pride in doing their chosen chore!  I hope it continues this week and so forth!

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