Sep 15, 2012

Gardening as a Lesson

     Yesterday for school we took the kids outside and taught them about gardening.  Actually we put them to work.  Part of gardening and having a nice yard is the maintenance of the shrubs and bushes.  We had let them get way out of control so I decided to cut lessons short and take advantage of the nice weather we are having.  So out we went.  While I was cutting the shrubs back the kids were gathering the branches and putting them into a pile.  Our yard loos so much better and is now ready for the fall and winter seasons.

While we were cleaning up the yard, what was a lesson on gardening turned into a lesson on insects again. We found numerous spiders of all kinds, a few praying mantises, a cocoon, a termite mess and red ants.  The kids had a blast looking at them.  We put the cocoon into a jar and we are hoping the moth or butterfly will come out. They had a grand time playing with the praying mantises.

  The two little fellas below are Bear and Charlie.  They are our neighbor's dogs.  They are the sweetest pups I know.  They came to help too.  Although I think they were more of a distraction than they were help.  But we love them anyway!
  We got a lot accomplished in a small amount of time.  Plus I got a great workout. We all agreed that next time we will cut the bushes back in the spring and again at the end of the summer so it won't be such a large. 
 Speaking of workout...have I shared that I am on a new weight loss journey?  This is one I have to succeed at.  I can not give up and I plan to share about those struggles on my other blog Broken Potterie.  I generally write about things God has spoken to me about and I still will do that but I need to journal what I am feeling and how I feel about this journey so go over there and check it out.  Although to be hones tat the writing of this I have not written anything as of yet but I will be!

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