Aug 30, 2011

Solar System Fun

Here is part of the project Jaron is doing for his Solar System unit. The 2nd part of the project he will be "teaching" his siblings about each of the planet by sharing the interesting facts he has learned by giving them a speech.   He just doesn't realize it's a speech yes I am tricky I am smart!

Aug 29, 2011

The Long House

 Well home school is in full steam ahead.  Last week Jaron started his history lessons and he chose to start with the Primitive Americas.  This is one project he has done...a long house.  He did a really god job coming up with the plan and using things around the house to create it.   He is now studying Mayan, Aztec and Inca history.  He is also working on a science project.  He chose Astrology for science for the first unit.  We have watched comets fly by and the international space center...which is suppose to be able to be seen again Friday at 8:58pm.   Can't wait to get all the kids to see it.  Hoping the skies will be clear for that.  SO now he is doing his project for space.  He is creating a solar system that we will hang from his bedroom ceiling.  He is doing a great job on it.  So proud of him!
We also are keeping up with our walking.  I would love to say it happens daily but it has been 3 times a week so far.  This week we are striving for 4 days and go from there,  This is something we say last week.  The pine cone looked like it was covered in dripping dew.  But when in all actuality it was covered in sap!  So glad neither of us took it down!  Although that same day Jaron did grab a sap ball off a tree and ended up covered in sap.  Which was hilarious.  I had to laugh.  He always seems to learn the hard way!  Here is a picture of the sap that he took off the tree....

Aug 20, 2011


So this past week Jaron and I started a new routine. Not only are we home school which is a whole new adventure but we have started walking together every morning after we drop off the other three at school.  It's a great way to start the day and enjoy the park as well.
 Jaron decided the second day that he would bring the camera and catch some of the scenes as we walked.  I absolutely love these four pictures that he took.  We are walking a mile every morning and I have to be honest it is hard on this woman!  It's been so long that I intentionally walked a mile at a fast pace.  It's getting my legs and bum in shape I can tell you that!  I can feel it! But after this past week I have realized I must take it easy because my knees which are in terrible arthritic condition can't take the pace we have been doing. 
 So starting Monday we will just go a little slower.  I don't want to stop walking.  I need this terribly!  I am so out of shape and I have got to get this weight off that I have been holding on to for let's say 3/4 of my life.  So taking it slow, enjoying nature and time alone with my son just talking and laughing.
 These precious ducks were great to watch!  They stuck together and the fact that there were four of them made me think of my four kids immediately.

Doesn't this picture just capture the moment!

Aug 11, 2011

And it Begins... that is!  Oh my word I am exhausted and its only day 2!  Seriously, I have been preparing for 6 weeks to home school my oldest son.  The first few days I have just wanted to go slow, get a base line as to what and where we need to start (besides what I already have planned) and the boy is wearing me out!  He is so eager to get school done I am shocked! I get up at 6AM to get my bearings before waking up the crew.  I always intend to spend time in the Word and prayer first but so far that has not happened.  I think partly because we haven't gotten into the school rhythm and partly because Momma is NOT and I stress NOT AM MORNING PERSON! 
   Anyway, so I get the other three diaperheads up and the next thing I know Jaron is up and ready to hit the shower.  WHO IS THIS KID???!  Seriously, last year I had to threaten ice water to get him up and moving.  I pray this doesn't change this year!  So I get the kids ready and take off out the door to drive the younger three to school.  Come home and feel like I need a coffee IV just to get moving. 
    Jaron first words are, "What I am doing today?"  I want to say go to bed so I can go take a nap but instead I set him up with some grammar and math tests.  Yep I am testing him already.  It's how I plan to make a baseline.  So far he is doing great.  Headed to the library today and he picked out two books that go along with what he will be learning in history the first 4 weeks.  So proud of him! :)
   This afternoon/early evening he was making fruit art.  It was quite interesting and actually made me laugh...well here take a look:

Mr Happy

Mr. Dull
Mrs. Grumpy
Mr. Dead

The Pear Family
 I absolutely love this! I especially love the family picture!  Mr. Dead is hilarious to me....his guts are laying in front of him.  Ok so I have a warped sense of humor but ya got to admit this is cute!  He was checking to see if our pears are ripe yet....nope....not yet!

Aug 1, 2011


Gardening through pictures! 
Below are some of the grape tomatoes I harvested this morning!
 The Grape Tomato Plant
 It is loaded with ripening fruit!  YUMMO!
 Our 3 zucchini plants.  Not sure where the third one came from because we only planted 2 that we can recall!
 Zucchini flowers are so pretty!
 Two baby zucchinis are growing.  They won't loose their flower bulbs for another few days.  Can't wait to pick and eat these.
 Yummy tomatoes!  I have 4 tomatoes this size or larger ripening!  They are going to taste so great with grilled cheese or on a hamburger or in a salad or just sliced, peppered and devoured! :)
 Sara's watermelon plant.  Sean accidentally ran over it with the lawn mower and we didn't think it would survive but it has and is growing strong.  In fact it now has 5 flowers and hopefully those flowers will produce lushes pink watermelon!

 The last pictures are from our Asian Pear tree.  It is extremely heavy with fruit.  They are not yet fully ripe but by the end of Aug. if not sooner we will be eating from this tree.  This is only part of what the tree looks like.  the other side of the tree is even more loaded with pears.  Can't wait to share the harvest with friends and neighbors!

 This last picture is an example of what happens when we do not trim around the fence.  Sean thought I had planted something so he did not cut it back.  Now we have grass seeds least that is what I think it is.  It reminds me of when Flick from "A Bug's Life" is harvesting the grass seeds!  Love that movie!