Aug 20, 2011


So this past week Jaron and I started a new routine. Not only are we home school which is a whole new adventure but we have started walking together every morning after we drop off the other three at school.  It's a great way to start the day and enjoy the park as well.
 Jaron decided the second day that he would bring the camera and catch some of the scenes as we walked.  I absolutely love these four pictures that he took.  We are walking a mile every morning and I have to be honest it is hard on this woman!  It's been so long that I intentionally walked a mile at a fast pace.  It's getting my legs and bum in shape I can tell you that!  I can feel it! But after this past week I have realized I must take it easy because my knees which are in terrible arthritic condition can't take the pace we have been doing. 
 So starting Monday we will just go a little slower.  I don't want to stop walking.  I need this terribly!  I am so out of shape and I have got to get this weight off that I have been holding on to for let's say 3/4 of my life.  So taking it slow, enjoying nature and time alone with my son just talking and laughing.
 These precious ducks were great to watch!  They stuck together and the fact that there were four of them made me think of my four kids immediately.

Doesn't this picture just capture the moment!

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