Aug 11, 2011

And it Begins... that is!  Oh my word I am exhausted and its only day 2!  Seriously, I have been preparing for 6 weeks to home school my oldest son.  The first few days I have just wanted to go slow, get a base line as to what and where we need to start (besides what I already have planned) and the boy is wearing me out!  He is so eager to get school done I am shocked! I get up at 6AM to get my bearings before waking up the crew.  I always intend to spend time in the Word and prayer first but so far that has not happened.  I think partly because we haven't gotten into the school rhythm and partly because Momma is NOT and I stress NOT AM MORNING PERSON! 
   Anyway, so I get the other three diaperheads up and the next thing I know Jaron is up and ready to hit the shower.  WHO IS THIS KID???!  Seriously, last year I had to threaten ice water to get him up and moving.  I pray this doesn't change this year!  So I get the kids ready and take off out the door to drive the younger three to school.  Come home and feel like I need a coffee IV just to get moving. 
    Jaron first words are, "What I am doing today?"  I want to say go to bed so I can go take a nap but instead I set him up with some grammar and math tests.  Yep I am testing him already.  It's how I plan to make a baseline.  So far he is doing great.  Headed to the library today and he picked out two books that go along with what he will be learning in history the first 4 weeks.  So proud of him! :)
   This afternoon/early evening he was making fruit art.  It was quite interesting and actually made me laugh...well here take a look:

Mr Happy

Mr. Dull
Mrs. Grumpy
Mr. Dead

The Pear Family
 I absolutely love this! I especially love the family picture!  Mr. Dead is hilarious to me....his guts are laying in front of him.  Ok so I have a warped sense of humor but ya got to admit this is cute!  He was checking to see if our pears are ripe yet....nope....not yet!


Mamasblog5 said...

haha!! That's cute! I've been waiting to ask how the homeschool thing is going. I'm glad to hear it's starting off good! Most parents I know that homeschool their kids (especially the oldest ones) finish their work in like an hour or 2! Then it's free time. I guess lots of educational games online and books!! LOTS OF BOOKS!!!

Melissa said...

Yes I think if I was home schooling the other three it would be an all day event. He is the easiest. Has always been that way since starting school, always ready to get the home work done, ect. This coming week will be the true test of how long and what things will be like. So far we are both loving this. A great way to bond...just one on one!