Aug 29, 2011

The Long House

 Well home school is in full steam ahead.  Last week Jaron started his history lessons and he chose to start with the Primitive Americas.  This is one project he has done...a long house.  He did a really god job coming up with the plan and using things around the house to create it.   He is now studying Mayan, Aztec and Inca history.  He is also working on a science project.  He chose Astrology for science for the first unit.  We have watched comets fly by and the international space center...which is suppose to be able to be seen again Friday at 8:58pm.   Can't wait to get all the kids to see it.  Hoping the skies will be clear for that.  SO now he is doing his project for space.  He is creating a solar system that we will hang from his bedroom ceiling.  He is doing a great job on it.  So proud of him!
We also are keeping up with our walking.  I would love to say it happens daily but it has been 3 times a week so far.  This week we are striving for 4 days and go from there,  This is something we say last week.  The pine cone looked like it was covered in dripping dew.  But when in all actuality it was covered in sap!  So glad neither of us took it down!  Although that same day Jaron did grab a sap ball off a tree and ended up covered in sap.  Which was hilarious.  I had to laugh.  He always seems to learn the hard way!  Here is a picture of the sap that he took off the tree....

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