Aug 1, 2011


Gardening through pictures! 
Below are some of the grape tomatoes I harvested this morning!
 The Grape Tomato Plant
 It is loaded with ripening fruit!  YUMMO!
 Our 3 zucchini plants.  Not sure where the third one came from because we only planted 2 that we can recall!
 Zucchini flowers are so pretty!
 Two baby zucchinis are growing.  They won't loose their flower bulbs for another few days.  Can't wait to pick and eat these.
 Yummy tomatoes!  I have 4 tomatoes this size or larger ripening!  They are going to taste so great with grilled cheese or on a hamburger or in a salad or just sliced, peppered and devoured! :)
 Sara's watermelon plant.  Sean accidentally ran over it with the lawn mower and we didn't think it would survive but it has and is growing strong.  In fact it now has 5 flowers and hopefully those flowers will produce lushes pink watermelon!

 The last pictures are from our Asian Pear tree.  It is extremely heavy with fruit.  They are not yet fully ripe but by the end of Aug. if not sooner we will be eating from this tree.  This is only part of what the tree looks like.  the other side of the tree is even more loaded with pears.  Can't wait to share the harvest with friends and neighbors!

 This last picture is an example of what happens when we do not trim around the fence.  Sean thought I had planted something so he did not cut it back.  Now we have grass seeds least that is what I think it is.  It reminds me of when Flick from "A Bug's Life" is harvesting the grass seeds!  Love that movie!

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