Jul 21, 2011

New Tastes

So this summer has been the summer of new tastes for one of our children.  Kristofer has had oral and texture struggles since he was little.  Certain foods, tastes, smells, textures, and even the way those foods look could send him into major gagging and even at times vomiting.  Some foods I would have to cook while he was out side or at school such as hamburger.  The smell of it cooking would send him into major meltdowns.
  This summer I told him I wanted him to try something new every week. It actually started earlier but I have pushed a few things this summer I didn't think I would get him to try.  But it has paid off!  Here are just a few things he has tried this summer:
 Chocolate covered bananas with nuts.  He wasn't fan of this at all.
 Nutella on graham crackers.  LOVES IT!!!  In fact this is a huge step for him. To put something like Nutella or even peanutbutter on something other than a spoon and eat it together was a forbidden task till this summer.  He has fallen in love with it.  I am so happy about this because Nutella although has cocoa in it is made from hazelnuts and I have found a way that he can have a "sandwich" for lunch at school now.  It also made this week's picnic at the lake enjoyable for him and the other kids. :)  YAY for Nutella!
 Peaches!  His first try was tonight and he LOVED them.  The ones we had were a little bruised so that upset him but the parts I was able to cut off with no bruises he LOVED!  Oh and something about fruit you have to understand, any fruit with skin on it such as apples he always has to have the skin taken off.  So when I explained you eat the skin on peaches he was a little dismayed due to them being fuzzy but we washed them and took the fuzzies off and they were good to go.   YAY! 
Plums...NO WAY! TOO GROSS!  Just not a favorite of his but he did try it as well!  The fact that he is willing to try the new fruits is remarkable.  I am excite because everything he has tried has new and different textures, tastes and smells...very big deal!
Ah yes can not forget the pineapple.  THANK YOU SPONGE BOB!  Kris loves Sponge Bob.  Has since he was super little.  I told him if he was going to be a Sponge Bob fan then he had to try pineapple.  I know what was I thinking?!  But he tried and wasn't so sure about it.  He said he wants to try it again so that's another big step.  Now if I could only get him to eat something other than chicken strips or tenders.  Just another meat source other than chicken or bacon.  Those are literally the only two mean sources he eats.  Anyone else out there with picky eaters have some helpful suggestions?

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