Jul 15, 2011

Last Adventures.....

...with Kaelyn and Grampy Mac took place this week. They packed up and headed back to Florida yesterday. It was a sad day for the kids and I! We have greatly enjoyed having our family here in KY. I took the kids and spent three days this week hanging out with them. Took the kids to the lake and they had a great time swimming and then headed to the house.
I hope the memories the kids made playing with their Grampy Mac will last a life time! Grampy Mac teaching Eli how to make hand birds.Whistling with Grampy Mac.

The next day we went searching for barn quilts .......and found some fun places to take pictures as well.Kids at the Memorial Park in W Liberty Ky. They loved checking out the real tank. Then we stopped in a field that had this very large boulder that the kids wanted to take pictures on. It was a very fun afternoon!
I have a bunch more pictures that I want to share here on my blog. I will be posting more as the days go by. I believe this has been one of the best summers for the kids and for me. We have had such a great time. Summer is almost over :( 3 weeks left and our new adventures will begin.

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