Jul 27, 2011


This summer we embarked on a garden journey once again.  Not knowing how fertile the ground here was we makde sure to use organic compost and planted some tomatoes and grape tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and carrots, oh and a watermelon plant. Well the zucchini hasn't done as well here as it did in IL but we have harvested a few.  It was the first time we have ever planted carrot seeds so we were all excited to see how many would come up.  Well we planted a lot but only a harvested a few.  But they sure where good! We also have a few sunflower plants growing and soon will harvest those seeds as well.  We have harvested a few grape tomatoes and one pepper.  The grape tomato plant has over 120 tomatoes that are all starting to turn red ... YAY!  My other tomato plants have 4 green ones that are still growing, they are about the size of a tennis ball right now.  I can't wait to start eating fresh organic home grown tomatoes!  My favorite!!!  :-)
Sara and I pulled her carrots.  Now we wish we had planted more.  Had no idea this is all that would come up.  Next year we will plant the whole package of seeds!

 We had a few mutant carrots but they sure did taste good!

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Melissa Sutton said...

I LOVE CARROTS and those are some really nice looking ones, great job gardening...