Aug 28, 2010

We're Here!

Finally back home to KY! Kentucky where I fell in love with Sean, graduated from college and buried my first born son. Kentucky where my best friends live. Kentucky!! I may have grown up in Florida and I do love Florida but there is something about being home in Kentucky. We moved to Florida in 1999 and I never thought we would be back. It is great being home!
We have been here a week and the kids are adjusting nicely. The first day of school was terrible for Jaron but the other three loved it. After the week settled down I would call it a successful week and Jaron has gotten more comfortable.
Kris seems to be doing great so far. The school has already implemented his IEP and his teacher and I are keeping in contact via email. She seems like a great person and Kris seems to like her. The younger two are now in separate classrooms and they seem to be enjoying their independence of each other. They have never really been all that "attached" to each other like I have heard others say about their twins. I guess I need to count my blessings for that. We have never treated them like a pair but as individuals.
Our new home is wonderful and the kids love the back yard being fenced in. We have 2 beautiful cherry trees, a pear tree, plum tree and a few holly bushes. LOVE IT! The weather has turned towards fall which is great because honestly this has been THE HOTTEST summer every. The heat index deal over 110 for three weeks was getting rather old! This week we have been waking up to temps in the 60s and on morning it was 58. AHHHH! Fall is in the air! YAY! I love fall!

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