Aug 1, 2010


Well the time has come! Lately I have been pretty scarce on here. The main reason is because honestly I didn't think I could keep from spilling my thoughts. But today is a sad and happy day for our family. Sad because we are (or by the time this posts) stepping down from Creal Springs A/G as the Pastor's of the church. It has not been an easy decision at all! It comes after months a full year of praying and fasting and more prayer. This is not an easy announcement to make! We have made many friends here and some are very dear and near to our heart. But when the Lord tells you it’s time to move on and forward you must follow Him. Saying good bye to friends is hard! Saying good bye and letting go of a ministry that I have loved (children's church) and the kids I have been able to connect with is gonna be difficult. I (we) have poured our hearts out here. So during Children's Church I have to tell the children that we are moving in 3 weeks. That is gonna be so hard! Just thinking about it makes tears come to my eyes.

We are excited because the Lord is leading us back to Kentucky. That we are very excited about! We are not taking another pastoring position at this time. We are trusting the Lord to direct our steps. We have found a place to live that the kids are excited about. It is a 3b/1b home with a full basement and large fenced in backyard. What’s even better is that it has a dishwasher! Yes a dishwasher! Ok so what’s so big about that…..well….I HAVE NEVER HAD ONE OF MY OWN! Never! Ever! Yes I am very excited about that.

We have no jobs as of yet but are believing that God despite this terrible economy will be the author of this story and will open doors we could never of fathomed to open for us. Yes it’s scary! We have 4 kids to think about! But we know God can and will make a way for us! He has to! He promises to! And His Word says, “All of God’s promises are YES and AMEN!” We are standing on His promises!

So if you think about us this month…keep us in prayer for jobs!

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