Aug 13, 2010

Packing Up

I am learning something as we pack up our house to move 6 hours away to Kentucky....we have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF! Holy moly the stuff seems to keep multiplying! Every time I think I have accomplished a great deal of packing I turn around and there is more to do. UGH! I really HATE packing! I do not enjoy the adventure of packing, unpacking, seeking jobs and the uncertainty in this economy of finding jobs. This does not in the least make me excited! I am however excited about being able to spend time with friends and family and not go on long car trips! Although my immediate family and Sean's do not live in KY they do visit :)
Moving always ads stress to any situation whether happy or sad. I am beyond stressed. But am happy that we have a home to move to, have visited the school the children will go to (which is HUGE compared to their previous school) and we know we have a church that we can attend. All of that I am thankful for.
But the things I am emotionally experiencing right now is more than I expected. Sunday will be our last Sunday service at our church. That is hard! Saying good bye to all that we have invested in and through for the last (almost) 4 years is harder than I thought it would be. I stood in the Children's church room today and just looked around remembering all that I have had the opportunity to do and wonder will anyone step up and take over?! I have enjoyed working with the kids so much! I have poured my heart and energy into ministering to some wonderful children! I am going to miss them greatly! So Sunday we will close the door here and will walk through the door to KY. Only God knows what is waiting for us there. I pray He will guide and direct each step and open doors wide to ministry and to jobs.
This week I believe has been hard on the kids as well! Each one has shown the stress of packing, saying good-bye to friends and pets. Jaron has felt the stress and worry of us not having jobs lined up. Kris has been upset about loosing friends as has Sara. Eli and Kris are very anxious about the new school being so large. They are going from a one class per grade to a 4-5 classes per grade school. Much larger and to them much scarier.
It is affecting Kris the most I think. He really has not done well with all the boxes, changing of schedule and just chaos in the house. The transition from a small school to a large one is weighing on his mind so much that he keeps saying, "Mommy I can't leave CS School!" I have done all I can to encourage him and support him. The next few days and weeks will be tough on all of us. He is on over load Sensory wise! The need for deep pressure is evident and the need to "rev" up his engine to get moving has been needed as well. I think the biggest thing I have noticed with him is the need to build. This summer has been a summer of building using Lego's, boxes, and anything small he could use to create robots. He finds comfort in his building projects and thankfully I am aware of that and have NOT packed his Lego's up. In fact it will be something we take in the van with us and not put in the moving truck.
As for me....I have gone through a gamut of emotions...happy, sad, excited, fearful, and right back to the beginning. Through it all I just keep clinging to my Lord and praying and reciting scriptures of promises!

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