Aug 14, 2010

Kentucky Home

I in general haven't been sharing all that much on here lately and I think it is because I do so much on Facebook. Which is a shame because I always feel so much better after writing things down. I wanted to share a few pictures of our new home today.

Just a few pictures. Not many! So much to get down. We move in 4 days....YIKES! I have more packing to do and want to clean the carpets and other floors. I have already wiped down all the walls! I refuse to leave the house messy and dirty. It was clean when we moved in and we want it clean when we move out. So we have some projects to accomplish today. I just hope my back holds up.
All this craziness in the house and I have to say Kris is handling it ok. As long as he has his legos he is ok. When we miss place the box he gets a little panicked. Yesterday I had to retell him that we are not going to be taking George (his rat) with us. I was expecting a terrible mess and yes he was very upset but it didn't turn into a crying fit. THANK YOU LORD! To be honest he really hasn't been playing with her this summer like I thought he would. Oh he talks to her but I have to daily remind him he needs to hold her. But he doesn't. I think the novelty of having her is over. Which is sad but it happens a lot. We will taking her back to the pet store and I am hoping they will sell her as a pet and not as snake food. That I am afraid is what will more than likely happen though :(
So today is full of projects and I am already tired...Sara got up at 5:30AM on a Sat. what is the girl thinking?!!

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Deanna said...

I love your new home and I am so happy for you!!!!!

I love you!