Jul 9, 2010


My niece Anna stayed with us for most of June. She was with us for 3 weeks. The kids loved having her here. We took her to the zoo of which was her first time ever going to a zoo :)
We really enjoyed having her here with us and although it's nice to just be "us" again, we miss her. The zoo was fun. HOT HOT HOT but fun! Got some great photos...too many to post here but here are a few of our favorites...This past weekend the kids and I took Anna to KY to meet up with my parents, her dad and younger sister and brother. On Sat. my Mom and I took my 4 and my niece and nephew to Twin Knobs Recreation area at Cave Run Lake in Morehead, KY. It is a great lake and place to swim. It was the first time my niece and nephew have ever swam in a lake before. They really enjoyed it. My nephew Timmy even stated...I love the lake there are no alligators or sharks to eat us :). Remember he is from Florida so those are things he would most definitely think about.

Holding our Aunt Linda's pet chicken...Kris loves them and wants his own now.
Sara and Lexi...Lexi was a bit nervous but Sara was like an old pro holding this chicken.
Friendly little bats roosting in the rafters of my parents cabin!

The kids and I had a great time in KY! The kids love KY and ask every time we leave when God will move us there. I just keep telling them it's in God's hands. Right now He is using us in IL and until He opens the doors there and shuts doors here we will keep serving Him here.
I have to agree with them though. I too LOVE KY! A piece of my heart is buried there with our oldest son, SeanPatrick but I just love KY.
While there Sara became sick. You would never have known it the way she played but her stomach was in great pain. She has been dealing with stomach pain for some time now (2 yrs) and the doctor has repeatedly stated that the umbilical hernia has closed. Well this weekend is flared up and guess what IT'S NOT CLOSED!!! Poor thing! Her little belly button looked like a golf ball was sitting under the skin. We had to cut our trip short unfortunately but I wanted to get her home to see her doctor. At the advise of my sister n law we drove straight home from KY to the ER at home. The ER was a nice 3 hour visit-Sara & I got home at 4 am. UGH!
Ya know I really do not like ER doctors. They always seem to act like we are there to waste their time. That is how we were treated and I made sure to let that doctor know that my daughters health and welfare is of up most importance to me.
We were sent home and told to give her motrin or tylenol and see our family doctor. Xrays and lab work came back fine. But when we saw our family doc I was told that the bruising in the belly button was not a good sign :( and now we are off to see a surgeon next week.
UGH!!!! I would rather it be me than her in this pain. It breaks my heart to see her in such pain. I hope that the surgeon makes a good decision and fixes this hernia asap!

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