Jul 21, 2010

The Adventures of the Belly Button

Belly buttons are a strange little being on their own. They can be an inny or an outie, you can put a ring in them or you can use them to collect a variety of hair lint. :) LOL! But seriously what is up with the belly button? In our house we have been talking about belly buttons for a while. The reason being is because of little Ms Sara and her umbilical hernia. I wish I had taken a picture of it at it's worse presentation but I never did. You know how it is, a fleeting thought and then it's gone. Well at least that is what it was like for me :( which seems to be happening more and more. I think I am either scatter brained or just getting old...hmmm....maybe it's both! But let me tell ya something, after looking online at pictures of umbilical hernias, Sara's doesn't even compare! There are some gross pictures out there...go look for yourself because I am not about to post them here.
So the topic of the belly button has brought up a lot of questions here in this house:

* Why do we have a belly button?
* How come we have one and the puppy doesn't?
* Why do some have it sticking out (outie)?
* Why does mine go in (inny)?
* Why is mine broken (Sara)?

The best question that has been raised is "Did Adam and Eve have a belly button?"
Ok so how do you answer that one without a bunch more questions come tumbling out?! Like I said, there has been a lot of questions concerning the belly button! SO where am I going with all this...hmmm...well I could get all spiritual on ya, or I could just be honest and say I am just gonna share about Sara's surgery...which do you prefer? LOL! Seriously though with all the talk of the belly button I have told my kids it is how I know I helped give life to them and they will always know they are connected to me in a special way :) It's a small imprint that they are mine and I am theirs. Hmmm, God has imprints on me as well :) Thank you Lord for the belly button! As for the surgery....it went great! Sara was so brave, not a single tear before the surgery. Not a complaint when they wheeled her away! YAY GOD! We prayed for peace and happiness and that is exactly what we got. Coming out of surgery was interesting to say the least. Sara asked me if I was floating! It took her a while to come out of effects of the anesthesia, but once she was out she was ready to go home :) She has a small incision in the belly button that I thought was stitched closed until we removed the bandages yesterday. To my surprise there are none. She was feeling a lot better yesterday but over did it. The stitches inside are hurting naturally and she is walking bent over like a 80 yr old woman. Poor thing! I am hoping she is feeling a little better today. She and her brothers are still sleeping...thank goodness! I enjoy these quiet mornings before they diaperheads all wake up and the noise level in our house rises a few decibels!

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