May 4, 2009


Last week my friend Pastor Deanna Shrodes did a week long series on marriage and covered a variety topics. It was such a great series I thought I would give you links to each day over at her blog. This is NOT light reading, Pastor Deanna deals with a lot of deep stuff and confronts quite a bit as well. I encourage you to go over and read her marriage series (5 days in all), even if you have a strong marriage what she has to say will encourage you to go further. try to read these in order, they do build on each other!

Marriage Series
Friday's topic covers a broad range of sex in the marriage questions that her readers posed to her on her comments page and through private emails.
I totally agree with everything Pastor Deanna has to say. Her answers and topics are all Biblical based. Again go check it out. Sean and I have a very strong and steady marriage. Yes we get in fights, disagreements and spats. Yes we disagree on a variety of things but we are unified. We made a covenant before God, family and friends that we were committing our lives to each other through think and thin. It's not always been easy, there have been times when we both wanted to throw in the towel. But with God's help we stuck it out and have fought for each other, the marriage and the kids. Divorce is NOT the easy way out, ask anyone that has gone or is going through it right now. It's not easy and I am not talking financially here. I am talking about emotionally. Even with out children involved emotionally both parties are torn apart. I have watch and am watching some of my good friends go through this right now and they are struggling. Please if you are thinking about divorce seek help. Seek marriage counseling. Don't throw in the towel until you have done EVERYTHING you can to save it and that means letting go of hurt as well.
Go read the Marriage Series by Pastor Deanna Shrodes, YOU WILL BE BLESSED!

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