May 21, 2009

Laundry ...Sara loves it!

So if you have been reading lately, you know that our dryer died. YAY! Ok, so not really a shout out but I have to say it has been nice to get in the sun and hang those close and thankfully we have had weather that allows meto do this. I am still trying to "catch up" with all the laundry from when the power went out but I know eventually I will get there . . . eventually. . . it's not like when you get it all done there won't be more anyway! So in the last few days Sara has enjoyed helping me hang the clothes. Something about it is exciting to her. If I remember right I always enjoyed helping my mom hang the clothes too. Then there was hiding in them when we would play hide-n-seek. Our feet always gave us away...fond memories. The other day I thought I would capture a few pictures of her helping me and then she want to pose for the camera So I have encluded those pictures as well. I can't believe she is growing up. The other day she wanted to make her own chocolate milk, "all by myself Mommy!" Naturally I was envisioning the mess I would have to clean up and didn't want to let her...but I stepped back and let her do it all by herself. I realized at that moment I am living on borrowed time. Soon she will be saying "hey Mom, can I have the keys to the car?" Boy do I NOT look forward to that. But for that moment I let go and as mom's that is what we do, teach them to fly so that eventually they will soar! By the way she did fantastic and made no messes! YAY!
oh by the way, last month in the midst of finding homes for our puppies, we adopted a little guy named Bentley. Bentley will turn 1 on May 29th. In his short life he spent 8 weeks in an abandoned home when the owner left him because his home was forclosed. He and a few other animals were left to fend for himself. Poor little guy. The original owner/breeder that sold him to the gentleman (that lost his home) went to visit him. What she found him and the other animals in were deplorable conditions. They were surviving on their own feces and were very ill. One of the pups had a bad staph infection. She took them home, got the cleaned up, fed and took them for medical attention. Bentley is a full blooded Minature Schnauzer who has all his shots and is healthy now! She was very excited when we responded to her ad about them. She herself is a trucker and has 4 pups that go with her in her semi and she could not keep Bentley and his brother Ludwig. So he is now a part of our family. We got him for Kristofer because he was having such a hard time letting go of the puppies. Ok some will say, why not keep one of the puppies . . . the truth is we can't handle two large dogs. Thankfully Izzy and Bentley get along great! Bentley is perfect for our family!

Don't forget! I am doing a short series about what our fishing adventures have taught me over on my other blog Broken Potterie. So far I have discussed - God & the Fishing Line, Tangles, and today's is Celebration.

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