Sep 29, 2013

My Response to a Negative Comment

Recently I had someone comment on a post during the summer.  I did not publish the comment because honestly it was so negative, judgmental and bias that I didn't want to give this person who didn't even have the guts to sign their real name, a soap box on MY blog!  But after thinking about it a few weeks I have decided to address this person's negativity.

Here is this person's comments, "I am a SUCCESSFUL Manager of a large store in a nationwide retail chain. . Cut to the chase -- young people who (like your kids) are bright, engaging and who learn quickly, who have been home-schooled, usually do VERY POORLY in entry level positions in companies of all kinds. They have not been socialized in the NO-HOLDS-BARRED competitiveness, the nasty bullying, as well as the ugliness, hatred and sheer rank stupidity of public schools. . You are doing your kids a terrible disservice by home-schooling them. PUT THEM BACK IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS IMMEDIATELY! . Your kids will get "eaten alive" in the real world! Loving them is NOT coddling & pampering them!"

First off, what right do you have to judge all home schooled kids based on what you have seen or experienced?  Have you not met a public schooled kid that has the same issues.  My children are very social!  They are not sheltered what so ever and they have experienced enough bullying in the public school system to last them a life time.   My children do live in the real world! BTW can you explain to us why colleges are actually seeking out home school students?
   My husband works with troubled teens who have ALL attended the public school system, and most of them have truancy issues as well as behavioral issues.  How is the public school system teaching those kids social skills?  Apparently not so well in my book.
    Why would any parent willingly submit their kids to the "the nasty bullying, ugliness, hatred and sheer rank stupidity of public schools?" Do I believe all public school systems are as you describe, "NO!"  In fact, the public schools our children have attended have been good schools, but over sized classes and student to teacher ratios have not been so great.  
   It is up to every family to decide what is best for their children.  For us we have chosen to remove them from public school and home school  them.  Do we feel that we are hurting them socially?  NO!  Do we feel they are not learning enough?  NO!  In fact they are learning more, they have one on one teaching, they are not being pushed to move on in subjects they are struggling with as they were in public school.  In the last year, we have watched two of our children catch up and excel to the next grade level.  Now you tell me that public school is better for them.  I don't think you can!
   We do not coddle or pamper our children!  You sir have never met our children and honestly I am not sure I would ever want them to meet you.  Our children are well rounded, social, intelligent children being taught by their parents, who I might add have college degrees.  
   Home schooling has been the best thing we have ever done for our children.  They no longer have to fear going to school, fear of being bullied, beat up, have their lunch stolen from them (yes this happened to one of children when he was in 1st grade), or made to hate going to school.  That sir is and was a dis-justice to our young children.  
If people are going to comment on something I post, specially something that is negative, I would appreciate it if you would at least have the balls to sign your real name!  Stop hiding behind a fictitious name!  Oh and one last thing, you stress you are a "successful manager of a large store in a nationwide retail chain," if this is true then why not share what store and where you are from?  Apparently you are fearful those above you may find out about your judgmental attitude and dismiss you!

For my faithful you can tell this person's comments have set me off so to speak.  Thank you for reading and whether you agree or not with me or this person I would love to hear what you think.

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