Sep 9, 2013

Great Things are Happening

Yep great things are happening around here. October will be a month of many changes, or so it seems. During the summer we started talking about buying a home.  Thought we would go look into being 
pre-qualified for a loan and we did.  So we started to really start looking for a home and found one.  We put an offer in and the seller accepted it.  So now we are waiting for the appraisal and title to get done, and the loan to be processed.  In the mean time we are PRAYING and PRAYING HARD that everything goes through without a single issue.  We LOVE this home and the area.  But with everything it is totally in God's hands and if something should not go through and we don't get the home then we know God has another plan.  As much as it will hurt and the disappointment great we have to trust God and His plan for us.
   Another great adventure will take place in Oct. is that we will be taking over the children's ministries at our church.  The last year has been a year of fun and excitement with the Jr High Youth.  We love this group of kids!!!   When our pastors asked us if we would consider being the directors of the children's ministry and we said we would serve where ever they felt we would be best used.  So in Oct we take over.  So much to think about and prepare.  Thankfully we are in a supportive church that has come behind us and started doing a lot of the work.  They have a group of men building us a puppet stage, the pastors have another group decorating the Sunday school rooms as well as the children's church area and we are working on coming up with the lessons, games and activities.
  Shew all that and we are in the midst of home school.  A few weeks ago we headed to my parents summer home where the kids got lessons in sewing and wood working.  They sewed pillows and made a wonder wooden chair.  It really wasn't about  the learning as much as it was about making memories with their grandparents.  The kids did learn a lot and had a great time.  I am just thankful for parents that support us and took the time to work with the kids. :)

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