Sep 30, 2013

Dreams Coming True

Nine years ago this coming February Sean and I had started praying about our future. We were praying about ministry and where He was leading us and buying a home. One night the Lord gave me a picture of what our future home would look like. It was a white country farm house with a big back yard and had a clothes line in the yard. For the last 8 months I have been looking online and driving by homes in the community. Trying to find the home we wanted to make ours. We have been praying He would lead us to the home.
Last month we walked unto the property of a potential home. As we walked around the home to the back yard we were taken away by the large back yard (1/2 an acre) and there in the yard stood a clothes line! The first time we had found a home with a clothes line already installed.
  God's promises are yes and amen! He never backs out of those promises! It's always in HIS timing that those promises are fulfilled. Well on Friday we will be closing and will be handed the keys to our home, our promised land. It will be a promised fulfilled! God is amazing! He blows my mind at how much He loves us and how much He wants to bless us!

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