Feb 28, 2013

Game Day

Sometimes you have to go off road, do things differently, add a little fun to the day.  That is exactly what we did today.  Actually I have noticed that the kids have gotten sucked into the technology world and despite doing school work, reading books for 30-60 mins a day they spend quite a bit of time playing games, mainly Minecraft on the computer.  It has bothered me a lot lately so we made the decision to spend some money on some board games.  We bought quite a few of the classics such as Monopoly, Life, Yahtzee, checkers/chess, Jenga and then added Clue, Blokus and Doctor Dreadful Scabs and Guts ( a science game).  So today instead of doing the typical school work we had planned we had a game board day.  We played Monopoly (math), Scrabble (spelling), Doc. Dreadful (science) and watched a video about President George Washington.  Three hours of Monopoly was enough for me but the kids had a great time today.  It helps to change things up not only for them but for me as well.  We were all learning new things about the human body while playing Doc. Dreadful.  What a neat game that is!

    I believe we may make one day every couple of weeks a board game day.  We spent a total of five hours playing different games to day and all of them had a great time and it was a fun way to learn as well.   Try it with your kids some time!

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