Mar 28, 2013


Last year Kris was chosen by his teacher to become the owner of the class pet, Pip, a gerbil.  Three weeks ago Pip died and we had a very sad little boy.  Kris was very heart broken.  Being that he doesn't talk about emotions or feelings and sometimes has a hard time showing the appropriate reaction to things. I wasn't sure how this was going to affect him.  Last year two weeks before he got Pip his little turtle Rocky died and getting Pip helped greatly.  This time around we allowed Kris time to mourn over Pip before even suggesting a new little buddy. 
    Well he decided rather quickly that he needed a new buddy to love and care for and so we set in action our plan with a friend to find him a Holland Lop Bunny.  Welcome Kris' new buddy, Bugz!
Kris and Bugz
He is very curious about our guinea pigs and they all get along great!
He apparently didn't like all the pictures we were taking. LOL!
Bugz is a great little bunny.  Everyone loves him, including our two dogs.  Kris still misses his Pip and we have told him that is normal.  Of which he tells us that he doesn't like missing him. He is taking great care of his bunny and loves him greatly.  I am thankful we chose the right pet for him.  It helps him to express love even thought he doesn't tell us he loves us he does tell Bugz and we know eventually one day he will express his love for us without us prompting him.

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