Oct 30, 2012

Quiet Reading

What a difference it is this year with reading and my children.  Last year for public school they "had" to read 30 mins. every day after school on top of their home work they came home with.  All we would hear was, "NO! Please not reading too!"  It was so draining on both my husband and I.  Most nights we were happy if they just got their home work done in a reasonable time period without complaining and fighting.Many times we just never got to the reading part.  I believe children need time to play outside with their friends after a long day at school.  So on the nights they had a lot of home work we would let them spend time playing after getting it done.  We did try to read 3 days a week during the school week though.
 When we started home school this year we discussed with all of the kids what was expected of them and that included reading daily.  They grumbled at first but they have done great!  They earn points for reading comprehension questions from a site I found online called, Book Adventure.  Not all the books the kids chose to read are possible for tests but that's ok.  They are reading and that really is all that matters!
   Right now they are reading separate books on different Indians for history and they also have chapter book reading they must do.  Reading helps expand their knowledge as well as imagination and my kids are very creative.  On top of that we are reading together another book for reading called, "The Pilgrim Adventure" by Susan Kilbride. You can purchase it for Kindle here.  I was lucky to get it free during a free offer. Love free offers for books on Kindle!

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