Jan 18, 2012

Life Happens

How shameful!~  I have once again neglected to write.  Life happens...ALOT around here! lol!
Seriously though, we are in full swing with school and I am contemplating, actually really praying about bringing home the other three for home schooling.  Not sure about it yet still praying but trusting God will show me the right path to follow.  In the mean time we have a birthdays coming in the house. 
 The twins will be 8!!!  Can you believe that!  NOPE I am in denial that my babies are turning 8.  Sniff! Sniff!  They are so grown up and it makes me so sad.  Oh I know it;s just life but they are my babies and it went way too fast.  I long to hold and snuggle with them again but now they are almost too big for my lap.  I miss rocking them to sleep...sigh!
 Feb 14, 2004  
Jaron 3 1/2yrs, Kris 21 months, and the twins 3 weeks old...one day home out of the NICU!
We were blessed to bring them both home the same day!  

July 2011 at my parents cabin in West Liberty, KY.
Jaron 11, Kris 9 and the twins 7

My how time flies.  

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