Dec 25, 2011

It's Christmas Day Fun

The Diaperheads have been greatly blessed!  Besides what we got for them they were blessed by my parents, Sean's Mom, two Aunts and a dear friend of ours we will call our "Secret Santa".  Thank you MD!  So enjoy some pictures.  Honestly each person sent us money to get them the things they have wanted, asked for and desired.  I have no idea who at this point bought what but I can say the kids were definitely blessed and all are happy! We also used some of the Christmas money to do some fun things with the kids that we normally would not have been able to do such as our trip to the KY Horse Park and a family trip to the movies with popcorn and soda (we never buy anything from the concessions stand so this was a great treat!  BTW the movie "Tin Tin" was GREAT!!!.)    :~)

Gifts from Santa.  In our home Santa only brings one gift and the stockings.  

 The favorite gifts this year.
Santa brought a baby that pees and poos! 
 Santa brought the Angry birds shirt and the DS game!  Oh yea! 
 Jaron excited about caprisuns....actually it was a decoy for a gift.
 Diapers!  For her Baby Alive Doll

 Resident Spy

Santa's gift to Kris! Kris has wanted this dragon FOREVER!  He was VERY happy as you can see!

 Jaron~Very excited about his new Lego and Halo kits.
 Waiting patiently to open his gifts.
 Santa's gift to Eli!

 Modeling her boots!

BTW the kids also got much needed clothes such as pjs, undies, jeans, socks, ect....they were thrown aside in all the excitement! :-)   I love being able to bless my kids and surprise them with EVERY thing they wanted and more.

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