Oct 5, 2011

Is it Really October?

My oh my where is this year flying off to?  It truly needs to slow down a little.  SO many things are taking place in our family it's just nutty.  Let's see....

   * Sean got a promotion to shift manager and with it a raise...YAY! We know God is behind it completely!
   * Sara got a new teacher after her first teacher quit.
   * Kristofer's teacher got a promotion and he will be getting a new teacher as well. (This is huge for him because the idea of change does not excite him, it actually makes him very nervous and fearful. We are praying that this will be an easy transition and that the new teacher will arrive soon.)
   * Sean has passed 3 of his courses towards being ordained with the Assemblies of God.
      He has 6 more courses to go and then an internship of sorts.
   * I am learning more about Jaron and it is helping me in teaching him.

Those are just a few of the things going on. The saddest thing for me personally is that our wonderful camera died.  Some kind of electrical glitch that will cost more to fix than to purchase a new one. I am praying that we will be able to come up with some extra money so that I can get a new one.  I so miss taking pictures and naturally it's Fall...my favorite season of the year.   My parents are coming up for a week vacation.  YAY!  It means we will get to spend some more time with them.  Not the whole week, they need time alone in their finished country cabin, but we will spend time with them.  Can't wait!  The kids are so excited about seeing them.  SO AM I!  Ever moment is cherished, life is not a guarantee and you never know what will happen next.
    I am watching my dear friend Michele is walking through a very difficult time.  She just lost her mom due to a sudden illness.  I have watched 4 of my dear friends lose their mom and another her father.  I know my time with my parents is precious.  So is the time my husband has left with his mom who is in her mid 80s.  We are trying to figure out a time and plan a vacation to NY to visit her and his siblings.  We are hoping to go in the spring.  It may mean that we won't be able to go to FL for my niece's graduation and that is tearing my heart up but Addie, Sean's Mom is just as important and we know just based on age that our time with her is actually a whole lot shorter.  So hopefully everything will work out and we will be in NY in April. That would be fun!  The kids are all old enough to handle riding the train and going into the city.  They would be completely amazed!  :)  Praying it all works out!

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