Oct 18, 2011


So this home schooling adventure we started on has been just that...an adventure.  Jaron has mastered everything I had planned to do in math up till Dec which means I am scrambling to get the next units organized and ready.  I had planned to take Christmas break to get the next semester planned out.  Such is life I guess.  Actually he has done so well that everything I planned up till Dec has been done and so I have felt a bit overwhelmed as of late. 
   So yesterday I prayed and asked God to help me come up with the next units for math, science and history and He answered!  YAY!  Jaron will be learning about minerals, gems and earth science, medieval times and castles, and for math we are finishing up fractions this week and will start on percentages.
    This morning I prayed that God would provide some other ideas and or books that I could use to continue on this adventure we are on and after Jaron completed his school work we were headed to the library. But on the way we stopped at the Goodwill.  I had this thought, that just maybe I would find a couple of books that would be helpful.  But what I found was so much more!  We were blessed to find history, health, reading, science all by Abeka, then we found another American History book that was a public school book that was probably used when I was in middle school.  Yes that was a long time ago but it is still very reliable. I plan to use it as a baseline and add to it.    Just very thankful!  God has truly been taking us on an adventure of trusting Him to supply all we need to teach Jaron this year.  I have 3 kids in public and I am praying about home schooling the other three next year.  SO many things are happening right now that I am just waiting on God to direct my steps and show me all I need to know and do.  I do not want to be out of step on this at all.  It's a HUGE under taking so waiting on His lead is of utmost importance!

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