Mar 26, 2010

We've gone to the rats...

Meet "Skunk" and "George". Yes they look alike but if you look at their tales they are different. Skunk has black that goes straight down his back unto his tail. George has the same black stripe but stops and has white and then a few patches of black on the tale. Their personalities are a bit different too. Skunk is calmer and George is more high energy. Both are boys so we wont have any issues with breeding more! (Goodness I think I would have a heart attack if that happened!)

Yes I think I have totally lost my mind. But a promise is a promise! You see when Kristofer was 3 years old a one of the teens in our church had a pet rat. Kristofer fell in love with it and has been asking ever since to have one. When he was 4 or so I told him that when he turned 8 yrs old that I would get him one then. Well the boy has a memory that is astounding and he remembered the conversation word for word!
So we have gotten him (George) and Jaron (Skunk) one each for their birthdays. They are sweet little things. Ok did I just say that? Uhm, yea I did! Why is it when we get a field mouse in the house I freak out and when we go to the pet store I fall in love with the little things like they are puppies or something. There is something wrong with that...I know there is!

As you can see from the smiles on their faces these two little guys are a hit in our house! Now the problem is is that Eli and Sara now want one too. I think 2 are enough for now.

So let's see what have we had as pets in the ten years that we have had children:
crawdads (aka crayfish)
guinea pigs
a rabbit
birds (cockatiel and parakeet)
now rats.

Goodness what in the world are we thinking?!

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Anonymous said...

The rats are kinda creepy. It's their tails. uggh. But my neice has one named Mater and she just loves him. I'm a mom and when those adorable faces look atcha you just gotta get them what they want (but I will draw the line with rats at my house)!!! I think Mater is going to be given away because my neice is about to have her first you want another, I may be able to hook you up. Cute blog!