Mar 17, 2010

City Museum

So Friday March 12th on Sean's 50th birthday we tookt he kids for a day adventure and headed to St Louis. Destination: City Museum Let me just say...that place ROCKS! Seriously the kids had a blast! Every floor had something fun to do and was some how connected to the next floor by a secret passage way or a tunnel or slide or something. I have never gone up and down so many flights of stairs in my life and PRAISE BE TO GOD my knees held up. A little sore but not terrible! We had a lot of fun watching the kids run from one thing to another. Well here just check out these wonderful pictures of the days events...
We never knew where these tunnels would lead so we were constantly running up and down the stairs to follow the kids.
Inside the many caves the kids went exploring...remind you this is all inside of a 4 story building!
Climbing up into the wire tunnels.
This was the human hampster wheel...the little guy was pulling the brake and as soon as he let go my four when rolling backwards. It was really funny to watch!
Here we have Jaron the dragon, Kristofer the snake, Eli the tiger and Sara the bunny all getting ready to eat a fantastic pizza!
one of many tunnels to climb through
Sara loved the sea turtles.

This was on the first floor and behind the whale were the caves. Above the whale and the pteridactyl (sp?) werw a bunch of tubes made from cage iron and other tubing that the kids could climb through.
Kris loved this area! When he looked up he freaked and asked if we could PLEASE take it home with us :) My little dinosaur lover!

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